Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intro to Chinese Medicine

People are still buying my book, Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind- both in paperback and ebook!

Check it out.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

America's Acupuncturist, Ha!

I noticed I've been a very bad blogger here- no posts for 6 months!

But what should an ex-acupuncturist say on a blog he hoped would be his podium to become "America's Acupuncturist"?

I suppose if I had been more desperate for that kind of attention I wouldn't have given up until I'd become a regular Oprah guest. But I have a love-hate relationship with fame. Part of me wanted that for a long time- the more spiritual part of me values and desires anonymity. The sensible part knows that fame's not worth the sacrifices especially since fame itself makes you sacrificial. And not always for a good cause.

I did write a book about acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and I continue to get compliments on it- people keep buying and recommending it, so I'm proud of that effort, which was the capstone of my work.

Maybe one day when I settle down in my 50's I'll want to do an acupuncture practice again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CEU/TX CAE Acupuncture Seminar in Houston, TX: Clinical Master Tung's

Dear Acupuncturists,
I will be giving a seminar focusing on Clinical Master Tung's Acupuncture the weekend of November 17-18, 2007 in Houston. I just gave the seminar to a group here in Los Angeles and we had a good turnout and had both experienced and new people being introduced to the Master Tung Acupuncture system! Some people have asked me the significance of this seminar, and I wanted to reply.
To start with, this seminar focuses on the core of Master Tung's system used clinically for neuromusculoskeletal disorders, which is great for any acupuncturist dealing with pain and/or rehabilitation. It focuses on methods that have an almost instantaneous result. Upon insertion of the needles, one can tell if there is progress or not, then opt for another protocol, if necessary.
On day two of the seminar, I teach the Master Tung points for Internal medicine problems, along with clinical use of herbal prescriptions. More importantly, I teach acupuncturists how to think to develop their point prescriptions, rather than following what I call "cookbook acupuncture". Both days I teach unique protocols that I developed for the clinic, not methods culled from other books or teachers. If they did not work, I did not include them.
For those new to the Master Tung system, I also teach the basic principles and concepts of the system, and the most common points of the system, so that a starting or experienced acupuncturist could use the system immediately in the clinic. I have already travelled throughhout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe to teach these methods. The feedback regarding my protoicols has been excellent!
This seminar deals with unique and exceptional points of Master Tung will be taught. Many of these points will have an instant reaction with the patient. These may be used singly or in combination with pother systems of acupuncture you have already studied! One does not need to have studied the other components of the Tung Acupuncture system to make this system accessible to them! Immediately on Monday, Acupuncturists will be able to implement this in their practice and see the efficacy of these points.
Rather than just relying on rote "cookbook" type recipes for given conditions, this course will step up the game plan of any practicing acupuncturist by letting them select the most potent points of acupuncture based on the disease and flexibly make up acupuncture formulas that have immediate clinical effect. Finally, since I am fluent in English and Chinese, and bridge East and West, modern and ancient, I offer a unique perspective in the practice of Acupuncture. I hope to help Acupuncturists improve and succeed in this great field of medicine.
Best regards,
Robert Chu, PhD, L.Ac. QME

See my webpages at:
If you'd like to learn Master Tung's system to:

- Increase your clinical efficacy

- Speed your clinical diagnosis utilizing the classical acupuncture methods and get instantaneous results

- Expand your range of treatment options

- Enhance your treatments in the clinic

- Improve your practice

- Learn it all clearly by a native English speaker who bridges East and West

- Discover proven clinical procedures for pain and internal medicine problems

- Master a new protocol for using Master Tung Acupuncture for your patients

- Improve your acupuncture skills

The upcoming seminar on Clinical Master Tung's Acupuncture in Houston, TX will be November 17-18, 2007 at the:

Courtyard by Marriott Houston-Westchase

9975 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042 (713) 784-3003 FAX (713)-784-9009

On day one, students and practitioners will be taught the principles of Master Tung's Acupuncture, then followed by Master Tung's top 18 points, then move Into Neuromusculoskeletal disorders. This is great if you want to treat pain and rehabilitate patients.

On day two, we will discuss the usage of Tung's points for Internal Medicine problems and making the transition from the conventional TCM system to Master Tung's system. Herbal remedies will also be discussed on how to optimize your practice!

Fee: $325/2 days, students $250/2 days, As a special incentive, I will extend the $25 discount for early registration until 11/2/07, No refunds. I especially like students to come as they are the next generation and have something exciting and new for them at a reduced cost!

15 Ca CEU's and 15 TX CAE's approved, Classes are open to beginner and advanced alike.

Call 626 487-1815 to register

Robert Chu, an exciting and dynamic speaker, has been practicing the Martial and Chinese healing arts since childhood and specializes in Master Tung Acupuncture and Optimal Acupuncture methods for treating pain,
neuromusculoskeletal disorders, and internal medicine problems. Dr. Chu is a graduate and Diplomate in Tung's Acupuncture under Dr. Young Wei-chieh of the World Association of Tung's Acupuncture.

He founded, in mid 2005, ITARA (International Tung's Acupuncture Research Association), a non-political organization devoted to the preservation, standardization, education, and research of Tung's Acupuncture, offering classes for the spread and advancement of Tung's Acupuncture.

In July of 2004, Dr. Chu was selected as the Acupuncturist to Olympic athletes at the Olympic Trials held in Sacramento, CA. He has lectured throughout the United States, Canada and Europe on Master Tung's

Robert Chu, PhD, L.Ac. QME

See my webpages at: